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Liselle Coker1 Comment

Linger:Supper Club for me, outside of being an amazing culinary experience, has been foremost in my mind as my most creatively stimulating extra-curricular indulgence. Preparation for Linger has always been an “all hands on deck” type of experience, and each dinner provides an opportunity for all attendees to be involved in executing both the design and culinary vision.


Linger 3’s theme was “De Avenue”. It sought to capture the vitality and energy associated with the infamous Ariapita foodie nightlife scene. This time around, the location was a punchy, hidden gem of a dessert shop located on Ariapita itself: Mamo Ice. Mamo Ice is new on the block, but has entered the dessert shop scene in a way that’s anything but quiet. They’ve already caused quite a stir with their innovative ice-cream and dessert offerings including rolled ice-cream, tacos, bobas, and macaroons that are all (to my utter disbelief and unspeakable joy) lactose free, gluten free and vegan friendly! The dessert spot has also begun its metamorphosis toward becoming a buzzing brunch spot, and is open for rentals.

As such, Mamo Ice was the perfect location for Linger and we snagged first dibs. The shop is located upstairs of Island Finance at the intersection of Ariapita Ave and Rosalino street, and its large wall of street facing windows offers amazing views of the Avenue’s bacchanal below after dark.


Rachel Rochford headed the decor team and orchestrated a vision that transformed Mamo Ice into an urban restaurant. She chose a colour scheme of gold, black and white to give that urban night-life vibe. Those colours also provided a wonderfully versatile neutral base to incorporate the vibrant pinks that already part of Mamo’s colourscheme.

When executing a decor plan, it’s so important to remain flexible and to respond to installation challenges with optimism. The backdrop installation threw some unexpected curve balls at us on the night in question. In this case, we had some strict installation parameters with respect to time, so within about 3 hours, we completed setup of decor, food stations, music etc. The backdrop design went through a couple iterations before becoming what it was on the night of the actual event, but installation required that we abandon some of our original hopes and embrace new possibilities.

The final outcome included lights, mirrors, air-plants, and lots of love



Rachel is one of those all round creatives with an inexhaustible list of talents. For the tables she layered white crockery on a base of black table-cloths, and then added layers of black and white and gold napkins, bespoke triangular ceramic dessert plates that she made herself for the event, and some brass-ware for table greenery.

Relaxing before the start of Linger 3

Relaxing before the start of Linger 3

I had a lot of fun making the menus for the event. I provide bespoke cards, wedding invitations and the like through my side business Kard Kollectibles, so I’m always jumping at an opportunity to provide new designs for event stationery. For Linger 3, I used the motif of a Street sign as my visual element, also referencing the layout of a map to conjure feelings of restaurant hopping along “De Avenue” on a typical weekend evening.


The menu for Linger 3 was as follows:

Appetizer- Mozzarella Bazil Bruschetta

Entree- Grilled Chicken Breast, Pasta Pomodoro, Meditteranean Mashed Potatoes

Desserts - Affogato, Japanese Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake

Dessert was amazing. I’ve always been a cheesecake kind of girl, and Moy’s Gluten Free Kitchen’s Japanese cheesecake did not disappoint. Of course, neither did Vernette’s (Vernette Out Loud) affogato. I can assure you that I indulged without remorse.


Of course, seldom do we dine without good coffee. This time around we were treated to coffee from NOIR Coffee Lab.

We received wines from Brydens. The bottles provided good party fun due to the fact that they were part of the “19 Crimes” Series. The cork from each bottle featured a unique offense.




Alas, the highlight for me at each Linger dinner is the possibility of the new connections one could make as one meets and chats with people. Admittedly, I’ve hardly done much meeting and chatting while making sure that I document these events thoroughly, but at each Linger I have at least one or two really meaningful conversations in which I make a new friend. Thank God for Chan (Introvertly Bubbly) capturing this conversation between me and Christian of Noir Coffee Lab.


As a keep sake, Chan provided guests with young Pothos vines to add to their indoor plant collection.


I’ll end this post with my favourite photo of the entire night. It’s a spontaneous shot of Mamo Ice’s owner Jamie (who stayed for the entire night, tirelessly supporting in the background), and one of the fabulous attendees, Ayana. May the frank fun captured in this photo keep up going until Linger 4!