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Liselle CokerComment

We’re continuing where we left off with the exciting collaboration between interior designer Moylan Lovell, Built Without Hands, and gift and decor suppliers Con Brio. If this is the first installment that you are reading, pause to catch up by visiting parts 1 and 2, here and here.

We have come to the third and final installment in this series, and this time, we will describe how we added just a touch more warmth to the Master Bedroom, and Guest Bedroom using very minimal additions to each space. In this project we took a less-is-more approach because it we wanted to show how a modest decor budget could yield impactful results.

The Guest Bedroom Before


When deciding how to style a space, one of the first questions to ask yourself is how the space will be used on a day to day basis. For guest rooms, the idea is to create a place that feels like a home away from home, where the guest can have enough to feel comfortable (but not TOO MUCH, lest they never leave).

The Guest Bedroom carried a few key pieces that we kept. The drapes, bed, bedside desk and stool, and the bed throw were all pieces that were in good shape, and provided a great base for our styling adventures. We swapped out the bright orange rug for a milder, beige and yellow Morrocan-inspired piece from Con Brio. Adding sleeping pillows and bringing in some throw pillows, gave the bed a bit more punch than it had before. We looked at the functionality of the Guest Room and agreed that the addition of a few key pieces would make the set up much more appropriate for use. We felt strongly that a nightstand and lamp were needed for evening reading. The nightstand is also a great place for guests to put a few toiletries while staying over. We also felt that a mirror would be a practical addition, although we opted for a more decorative one. A basic that many hosts forget to add, is a serving tray for their guest: where water, tea, energy bars and other comforts can be stationed. Scented candles and a few reading suggestions show guests that you went the extra mile as a host to think of their comfort and enjoyment.




The Master Bedroom Before:


The master bedroom was envisioned as an oasis of calm. The walls were painted a soft cool gray that carries a hint of blue in it. A solid base of neutrals were used to build up the foundation of the room, with Moy having selected a deep ebony stain for the bed and night stands, when she first styled this project many years ago. To update the look, we opted for jazzing up the reading nook which carried a white french arm-chair. We also added some storage cases from CON BRIO that looked like books to gather any knick knacks that would otherwise cause bedside clutter. We brought in some interest with the throw pillows, offsetting an otherwise neutral setup with a deep blue accent pillow and some beige and grey pillows in another pattern to complement the colour scheme.



When bed-styling, don’t be afraid to mix colours and patterns. As I tell my clients often, it doesn’t have to MATCH, it has to GO. Remaining clutter-free has a profound impact on the perceived serenity of a space. The mock-book storage units we selected from Con Brio are a genius solution to the messy side-table problem that so many of my clients face.


The reading nook within this bedroom has many uses. Often times, we need a place in our bedroom that we can plop into at various times in the day to get dressed/undressed, put on our shoes, read a good book, or just meditate while sipping a drink of choice. In this case, we intentionally setup the reading nook to be all of those things wrapped into one. We supplied a throw for comfort, and a chair-side chest for additional storage, which also doubled as a low chair-side table of sorts.

What I love about the changes we made to the Master Bedroom, is that they were subtle and minimal, yet made a world of difference. I am a strong advocate for allowing various aspects of your life and environment to accurately reflect your values. The burlap throw pillows we chose from Con Brio for the reading nook sum it all up quite perfectly, don’t you think?