Unique treasures at Very Verde

Unique treasures at Very Verde
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In my day to day practice with Architecture and Interior Design, I'm always scouring for the latest finds in interior furniture and finishes. It's always a special treat when I can find locally made products, as it cuts down on the often perilous process of sourcing abroad (especially with the current foreign exchange scarcity). As I myself am making my foray into entrepreneurship, I have enormous respect for the unsuspecting creatives who have chosen to become producers instead of consumers, and who are building our economy one export at a time. Imagine then, my delight upon finding Very Verde! 

Very Verde describes itself as a creator of "concrete furniture and home-wares, scented candles and beautiful arrangements featuring cacti, succulents and other materials". I was pleased to find out that the reality of their product offering far outdoes their humble description. 

I started following them on social media religiously due to my personal affinity for natural materials, succulents, and minimalist silhouettes.  Very Verde's work tends to be very clean and strong, with many of their home-ware items having a minimal, Scandinavian feel.

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After thoroughly indulging myself via their social media and through witnessing my friends' purchases from Upmarket, I finally pursued my curiosity to find out more about the brilliant minds behind the Very Verde brand. My investigations led me to call them up, and I was greeted by the most pleasant voice on the phone. Without forewarning, I showed up at their modest studio in San Juan and was treated to an intimate tour of their workshop and given a bit of insight into the passion that has produced such a well crafted product.


Yaneisy Moreno at Very Verde's San Juan Studio

Yaneisy Moreno at Very Verde's San Juan Studio


Very Verde is run by a husband and wife team, David and Yaneisy. I was surprised to find out that neither of them has a design background, but rather met through their careers in Health. David(who has a background in International Affairs) met Yaneisy (who has a background in Sociology) while scouting for healthcare professionals in Cuba in his capacity as Director of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Health .The two met repeatedly over some years and eventually became a pair. Yaneisy's face lit up as she told me how Very Verde was birthed: she had created a terrarium within a glass orb for David to decorate his workspace, and his coworkers fell in love and asked him where they could get similar products. The pair worked arduously together to meet this demand, and out came the well-crafted line that is Very Verde.

Very Verde's Unique Terrariums...

Yaneisy told me that she was always into crafts, so was always trying to express herself creatively through different projects. To produce their exquisitely handcrafted items, her husband David builds many of the home-wares and furniture pieces, while she specializes in finishing them to international standards.


Very Verde rears many of the succulents for their arrangements within their own nursery. The cacti and succulents are then assembled into terrariums, or into concrete vessels of varying profiles.


Very Verde has come a long way from terrariums in the past years. They have been increasing their product offering to include lamps, clocks, and larger furniture items like side tables. Yaneisy assured me that bigger and better items were to come. David mentioned that they were poised to launch centre and dining tables, and lounge chairs in steel and leather. Personally, I can't wait for the new pieces, because the taste level displayed in their products so far meets with an enthusiastic stamp of approval from me.

Square Side Table,Hexagon Side Table & Octahedron Lamp: Imagery provided by Very Verde.

My short post on this fabulous local brand cannot begin to do it justice, so for more of Very Verde's luscious offerings, check out their website here.

To conclude, I'll leave you with two of the products I've vowed within myself to return to purchase. My picks are the variegated red, black and white  concrete lamp on the left ((for my inner patriot), and these super chic black and white concrete coasters.

Thanks again to David and Yaneisy for letting me peak into their operations!

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