On becoming an "Entrepreneur"....

On becoming an "Entrepreneur"....

So I decided to leave my job after nine years at the same company ( and during a recession, to boot) and then all hell broke loose.

Let me start over...I decided (after many years of thinking and self- development) to become an entrepreneur in a time of financial uncertainty, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Both of those beginnings are part of my story, but each holds and entirely different perspective. Every day now that I am transitioning into this new phase of life, I have to choose which beginning I will own, because I know that my perspective will have a profound effect on my outcomes. 

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Firstly, let me set it straight...I loved the company I worked with for the last nine years. I learned so much there, and I really have to thank my superiors for giving me every exposure to develop my confidence and hone my craft as an Architect; let's not talk about the travel opportunities that I had (for training, sourcing products etc.) It really took all of my courage to walk away for such a SAFE situation. Nevertheless, I knew I had to move on with my career.

The main reasons that I've left job security to plunge into the great unknown are as follows:

1. Autonomy - I have a deep desire to have greater control over how I spend my time and to what I devote my life.

2. Flexibility - I need to be able to work from anywhere I choose, and I'm determined to build a life that allows that.

3. Purpose - My purpose is linked to my spirituality, and this is the most intimate and powerful driver to my decision- making, yet seems the most nebulous. If you want to know more about this one...just ask. We'll have a chat.


As soon as people hear that I'm becoming an entrepreneur, they ask me " So what are you going to do?". To be honest, I've given a lot of answers, many of which I know to be less than accurate. This is because I'm still formulating EXACTLY what I'm going to do. I know for sure that my new path will start with Architecture and Interior Design (my current career) , but I also know it will become much more than that, and encompass many more of my proclivities. I just haven't fully figured it out yet. 


Some people panic when they realize that I've taken the plunge without a FULL safety net. I panic too sometimes, but it's the kind of panic you get when you get on a roller coaster and you're mounting the ascent with your hands in the air and then you break the peak and look down at the craziest, most fun ride of your life; there isn't much time to think, but you can smile, and scream, and hope you don't pee your pants. I really probably should be more responsible about this - in fact, I've tried to be. I've actually been working on this plan, while holding a day job, for about a year and half. This much I've realized about myself- I'm an eagle: to fly, I just need to be thrown head-first out of my nest. Comfort, for me, is the enemy of my progress. It coddles my fears and makes sure that I always have the dreaded back-up plan to return to. This time, there are no back-up plans; I'm going to be fueled by sheer passion, determination and desperation and I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel more alive right now than I have in years.


OK...OK...To start with, I'll be giving my all to this blog. So far I've been focusing on the local residential Architecture and Interior Design scene, and I plan to continue along that path. Soon you guys will see some of my own projects on here, too. I'm excited about the journey. So, yeah. I will be doing a lot of design...Architectural design...Interior Design...Lifestyle design...Identity design(a personal mission)...