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Crushing on Cristiano's

Liselle Coker4 Comments
Crushing on Cristiano's


If there’s one thing I’m finding as I get older, it is that I’m placing a much higher premium on self-care and well being. I’m taking the time in the midst of the hustle to sleep well, love well, and eat well. Imagine, then, my delight when a blogger friend of mine, Chan of Introvertly Bubbly (she’s no stranger to this blog), allowed me to accompany her to check out the recently opened Cristiano’s Bistro, right in the heart of San Fernando, on Lewis Street.

As a patriotic southerner, I advocate valiantly for any new liming spot in my home town. We southerners are fine mannered people with cultured tastes, and so we have a deep appreciation for aesthetically excellent environments, especially if such environments provide gourmet grub!


It would be remiss of me to just jump into gushing about what a great time I had, and how much I enjoyed the food, before dealing with first things first. The reflective glass doors held me in complete suspense until they opened to reveal a clean and tastefully modern interior with sculptural mid-century furniture selections. Diners were offered several seating arrangement choices : 2-seater tables, bar -stools, a mini lounge, and benched seating.

bistro seats built without hands

The layout of the bar was nothing short of design eye-candy for me with its reflective white subway tile juxtaposed against deep chocolate cabinets.


The cosy bistro even boasted quite a few statement light fixtures, with glass chandeliers and pendant lights defining the various seating nooks.



Anyway, you know I could go on forever about the interiors, but then I would be at risk of robbing of you of the best part of my experience at Cristiano’s Bistro. When I think bistro, I’m thinking that I’ll be getting a decent variety of lightweight meal options with a heavy emphasis on breakfast dishes and tea time classics. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find that the menu at Cristiano’s was much more diverse than my expectations had allowed me to anticipate.

In fact, there were over 5 pages of meal options ranging from comfort breakfasts: like omelettes, pancakes and waffles, to health foods like quinoa. I eased into a light but hearty meal with a tropical fruit juice. The papaya juice (garnished with fresh mint) was my drink of choice. Chan sampled one of the ice teas and a latte.


When our meals arrived, they were really worth the wait. We got a few amongst ourselves so that we could sample from each other, and I was so glad we did! Such great taste and good vibes. We didn’t realize how quickly the hours passed as we bonded over shared interests and good food!


There were some meals that I did not sample, but looked too delicious for me to not take pictures. I plan to schedule some dates with my faves to taste test a new dish each time I return to this place.

In order to inflict the maximum FOMO levels upon all of my readers, I will leave you all with one last lingering look at the pancakes I had right after convincing myself that I had been healthy by eating the Asian quinoa bowl, and a shot of me looking pretty darn content (taken by Chan).

built without hands Liselle coffee

If you do decide to check this place out, don’t be surprised if you see me there!